September 2020

September 2020

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Dear Fillionaire,
God is so faithful & so good.   We hope you are enjoying the end of summer & getting back into a schedule as school is starting for many families.   We pray that you are continually filled with supernatural insight so that you can walk in a way that brings maximum glory to God!   We live in times that require us to rise above all the commotion around us and display how Good our God is. 
Have you noticed lately that there is an attack on your walk?  The normal everyday pace of life and blessings that you usually enjoy have been interrupted by fear and panic that disrupts the world around us, but we are not shaken. 
God has been talking to us about OUR PATH - which can be defined as a route, course or track along which things move, or a course of action, conduct or procedure for forward motion.     

The way in which we walk, THE PATH we take,                                                      and the track we follow in life, will make a huge impact                                      on the world around us.  

Look at the testimony of King Jotham in II Chronicles 27:6  - “Jotham grew powerful because He walked steadfastly before the Lord His God.”
1) He was focused on His relationship with God.
2) He was determined to do right and please God.
3) He was a builder — He built cities in the mountains and castles in the forest.
4) He was diligent in staying on the right path. 
You have to love that God is calling us all to build something significant & our goal is to stay on the path like King Jotham & to accomplish what He has given us to do. 
Sometimes I’ll be driving Cyndy somewhere and miss the exit because we are deep in conversation.   She will ask me “Where are you going?”  I’ll answer;  “I was thinking about what you were saying & missed the exit.” 
It is so easy to get off track if you are not paying attention to where you should be going.   Take some time & make sure that you are on the RIGHT PATH.  We have lots of activity around us and many worthwhile      projects — BUT we have to be careful that we don’t get off of our path.  You love people and you want to help them but you can’t build their destiny for them, you have to focus on building your own.  

          He stores up sound wisdom….to guard the paths of justice and                                   protect the way of His saints.  Then you will understand rightness, justice and integrity - every good path.   Proverbs 2:9  Christian Standard Bible. 

God is saying:

Walk close to me.  Be sensitive to my whisper.   I’ll nudge you & remind you of your divine steps.       I will keep you on track if you will keep your mind focused on Me.  Spend more time meditating on MY WORD,  spend more time worshipping and pressing into my presence &  spend more time in church and as you do these things your path will become clearer and more solid.  Don’t be concerned about getting off  on the wrong path because as you surround yourself with Godly people and spend time in my presence you will know the way. 
There are those that will come to the surface that are not concerned with MY PATH, but instead have their own plans and agenda’s.  They have gotten off the path.  You don’t have to know all the situations and details.    Pray for them but stay on your path.   I haven’t forgotten about you.  I AM BUILDING YOU AND YOU WILL DO SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT FOR THE KINGDOM.  It’s a path that’s custom made for you and You are going to LOVE IT! 

We are so blessed to be able to come into your home with our partner letter.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support during this season.   God is miraculously supplying our every need, and your  partnership with us is releasing miracles for you and for us at the same time.   We are busy working on        projects and doing things for Kingdom purposes.   We love you and pray for you always!             
                                                                                    Releasing Heavenly Supply,  
                                                                                    Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke