October 2019

October Peace


Recently I’ve been purposely going outside and sitting on our patio under the gazebo and spending some time quietly watching & listening for little things.  It is increasing my awareness of the tiny details of life happening all around me.  The squirrels, the birds, the pecans falling, the wind blowing and it is so PEACE-FULL! 


Likewise, keep practicing these things; what you have learned, received, hear and see in me.   Then the God of peace will be with you. 
Philippians 4:9  ISV

Jesus was always filled with peace.   Even when crossing the lake with the disciples in the midst of a horrible storm, Jesus was asleep on a pillow.   He knew God was protecting Him.  His level of peace seemed out of place in that crisis, but when they woke him up He stood up and spoke “Peace, Be Still!” (Mark 4:39)  and immediately the wind, storm and waves all stopped.  The peace that filled His heart was released into the  atmosphere, and IT CHANGED EVERYTHING!  

Let us all practice that right now:

2. Settle yourself
3. Lean into God’s Presence by speaking scripture verses & listening to worship music.
4. Be filled with His overwhelming PEACE. 
Jesus is full of peace.   Paul was full of peace.  The disciples were full of peace.   Read about all that they went through and imagine how full of the peace of God they were in the most challenging situations.  When you are tempted to worry, fear or freak out, practice the peace that passes all understanding.

It’s Finally Fall!  The weather here in Dallas will soon get the memo and start changing.  We enjoy the seasons changing, because it reminds us of the transitions in the Spirit that keep us growing and being a force of influence,  living our life to the fullest and sharing the Good News of the Kingdom. 


Pull back from the pressures and open up to my peace.   I have an unlimited supply of supernatural rest, but you must come into My presence to receive it.  Rest in Worship and be permeated by my peace.   Don’t let your heart be troubled or restless. 
In the natural, all around you, it may feel like you are in a storm!  The pressure may seem like it is a little intense.  Don’t watch the news because it will upset you.   You need to realize that what you are seeing and hearing is just the birthing pains of change to get to 2020.   I am taking care of the politics.  I am taking care of the economy!  Don’t allow fear or worry to have any place inside of you.  Pray in the spirit a lot.  Then pray some more in the spirit!   Angels are being released as you do that.  Finances that have been held up are being released as you pray.   I am taking care of your debt, I am filling up your storehouse, I am filling up your garage and you will have more than enough.  You have to know that it is on it’s way to you, to help take care of your needs and fulfill what I have called you to do. 
Learn to live in that place of SUPERNATURAL PEACEFULLNESS!  You can’t do it in the natural but you can in the spirit realm.  You do it by FAITH!   Be filled with my love, be peace-full in your spirit, your heart and your mind.   Let your emotions be washed by the water of the Word, and come into my presence and rest.  Gather together, worship  together and let the SPIRIT OF REVIVAL FLOW THROUGH YOU! 


We are so thankful for your generous gifts and donations to the ministry!  We are all in this together.


We are so grateful for our partners!   You have stood by our side and have been such an encouragement!  Your prayers and your financial giving make a huge difference.   As you sow and pray over your gift this month declare the prophetic word over yourself & ALL God wants to do.   We pray for our partners daily!    This month we have been working on new  products,  we didn’t realize that we had so much stored up.  We are preparing for new things coming!  
There are some open doors right in front of us that are so exciting & we want you to be right there with us.   Together we can do this!   We are stepping out in faith toward our future, make sure and step with us. 


Living the Fillionaire Life! 

Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke