March 2021

Dear Fillionaire,

We pray that you are blessed exceedingly abundantly above & beyond your highest hopes, dreams, thoughts & prayers. God is so good that it literally pours out of Him onto you in every area of your life!
Speaking of outpouring we’ve just come through the coldest & most serious ice & snow storm in Texas in a decade. We’ve been praying for ALL who are dealing with repairs & recovering after pipes froze & power went out on a massive scale. I’ve heard the terms “Snowmageddon” & “Icepocalypse” as well as “Snovid 21” which all describes this unusual winter blast. It was pretty bad in the natural realm, with so many churches having to clean up at their facilities, from broken pipes, no water or heat, plus people in their homes trying to take care of their families in these crazy circumstances but we were ALL using our FAITH & commanding it to change into Heavenly Upgrades!

Our temperatures went from minus 2 to 83 degrees in just a couple of days. That is crazy in the natural. Three days ago, the electric guys were outside of my house in shorts working on the Wi-Fi, when a few days earlier a 1/3 of Texas was frozen & without electricity. Talk about extreme’s!

We can have EXTREME MIRACLES: -We can go from “In debt” to ALL BILLS PAID with just ONE MIRACLE. -We can go from sick & having Covid to totally healed as we declare HEALING MIRACLES!


In the Old Testament many of God’s people were struggling to try & keep the law of Moses BUT when Jesus came to earth, Jesus came FULL of God’s Love, FULL of the Holy Spirit & FULL of MIRACLES!
I am FULL of Jesus, so I am filled with ALL of those things, including MIRACLES!
.....He who supplies you with His [marvelous Holy] Spirit & works miracles among you......because you [believe confidently in the message which you] heard with faith. Galatians 3:5 AMP

God supplies us with His marvelous Holy Spirit & works MIRACLES among us because we believe. Read IN THE New Testament about what Jesus has done for you, & then wrap your HEART around it with your FAITH. Embrace the truth with all of your heart & then act as if your life is FULL OF MIRACLES!

Learn to live in FAITH TOWN!

God is saying:
Storm after storm after storm is happening all around you in the natural & in the spirit realm. Learn to NOT look at the storm but instead command the situation to change. Lay aside the past, the disappointments & the discouragement. Many of you have had trauma & sadness try to take hold but don’t let it. Winter has been in full force but know that spring is coming to the earth & to your life! Be looking for it & expecting it!
Take my WORD & declare it! Right in front of you are new opportunities! Learn to press in & flow in the spirit realm. Stay in peace & stay in faith. There is a release of REVIVAL, there is a release of GLORY, & there is a release of FINANCIAL BLESSINGS! I have trained you & prepared you for this day! Watch me move! Watch how I am lining everything up for you to flourish & step into a new place in me! Watch the Miracles Happen!
You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble & surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalms 32:7
We are so thankful for all of our partners! We have been praying for you. We have been declaring & speaking miracles because we know many of you need them. Thank you for standing with us! Your giving & your prayers are making a difference. We are so blessed to be able to come into your home with our partner letter. God is miraculously supplying our every need & your partnership with us is releasing miracles for you & for us at the same time. We are busy working on writing projects and doing things for Kingdom purposes. We are progressing & moving forward. We love you & pray for you always!

Releasing Miracles over you & your household,
Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke

February 2021

Dear Fillionaire,
We pray that the blessing of the Lord is overtaking you in every way! It’s TIME for the DIVINE to take over as we watch God do signs, wonders & miracles in our generation. The church is waking up to a great divine intervention!

Remember what the Lord did for Jehoshaphat in II Chronicles 20; How He sought God’s direction when they were outnumbered by an attacking enemy. The prophet said “Be NOT afraid, the battle is NOT yours but Gods. ........ You will not need to fight in this battle!” (vs. 15, 17)

They worshipped, then broke out in praise because of what God said. They even had the Praise Team lead the army into battle. When they came over the hill, ALL of their enemies were dead. They had de-stroyed each other. It took the children of Israel 3 days to gather the treasures, jewels and provisions of their enemy.

God is your divine helper & is ready, willing and able to do for you what you cannot do for yourself —


What does your heavenly Father have for you?
-Divine Health & Healing
-Divine Provision and Prosperity
-Divine Restoration and Renewal
-Divine Turnarounds!

Several years ago Cyndy & I were struggling financially. over our finances, BUT nothing seemed to be moving & in some ways the debt seemed to be growing. We were concerned we were going to lose our house. The pressure was intense & it was not good. The enemy was trying to distract us & get our eyes on the problem & off the Lord.
We needed God’s DIVINE HELP!

We started having communion every morning over our finances & asking God to help us! We kept our focus on the Lord & what He wanted to do in our lives. We got our Prophetic Words God had given us & kept declaring them over our future. We worshipped & praised Him until it changed , and it changed in the natural realm because things changed in the spirit realm —


We were tithing and speaking the Word of God
God is saying:

Whatever the enemy is doing will result in his own destruction. He is trying to distract you & get you focused on what is going on in the world. You can’t let yourself go there. Do not get distracted from what I have called you to do. Instead position yourself in praise & watch me work. I am working ALL things together for your good, so don’t fear or let any confusion try to capture your attention. Praise me for the victory because that’s what I have promised you –TOTAL VICTORY!

Stay in my peace. Speak peace to your family, speak peace to your job, & speak peace over your church. I am going to use the church to be a shelter in the midst of the storm. Trust me to take care of you no matter what. I am your DIVINE HELPER & I will give you your enemies, plus all of their stuff & surround you with purpose. Thank & praise me, for I have promised you DIVINE HELP!
You partners are great! When we think about you & pray for you, you make us smile! We are asking for God’s supernatural power to be manifesting in your life, your family, your finances & your church. We have some new messages on our You Tube Channel.
Please subscribe at: user/NordykeMinistries & join in the FUN!

Thank you for being a partner with your prayers & financial support for Nordyke Ministries. We appreciate you so much! We need to buy a new computer this month with all the zoom calls, video chatting around the world & writing projects going on. You make it possible for us to produce product, write books & work on assignments from the Lord.
We release His DIVINE ABILITY to work on your behalf. It’s time for Heaven on Earth!

Releasing Heavenly Supply,
Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke

October 2020

Dear Fillionaire,
You are blessed today!   Check it out —

Blessed be the God & Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who HAS BLESSED US        with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly Places in Christ.  Ephesians 1:3

We pray that you constantly come into a greater awareness of what you already have in Him.  He is taking care of you & he is a really good Father that takes care of His children, provides for them and loves on them. 
When you know a STORM IS COMING you prepare for it.  You store up food, you have extra firewood, you have money in the bank & cash at your house, you get extra gasoline, plus the candles & oil are prepared.  In these days & times it is good to be prepared for the storms of life.   God is taking care of His people.   We are living in the light & there is no darkness where the people of God are living.   (Exodus 10:22-23)  You have seed in the ground, you are tending your seeds by being loyal to the place God has planted you in your church & your giving!

Always be in preparation mode PLANTING SEEDS towards your future! 

That reminds me of something that we have recently experienced at our house.  This last summer, Cyndy bought some mangos at the grocery story & oh my, they were so big & sweet, we just enjoyed them so much!   She peeled the skin off of them, sliced the bright orange/yellow fruit to eat & then we had these giant seeds left over.   God had been stirring her heart about not wasting seeds.  Cyndy thought it might be fun if we planted them to grow some plants to beautify our back patio, & it worked.  We now have six mango trees about a foot tall growing and looking good by our deck!
This brought something important to mind.  Whenever we receive finances  from the fruit of our labors there are 2 things in that fruit we have received. 
            1)  Food to eat, or means to meet our needs now.
            2)  Seeds to plant for a future harvest.
Some of your increase is supposed to be planted for what is ahead, but It is up to you what you do with your seeds.   Do you plant them?  Do you water them?  Do you make sure that they get sunshine?  Do you bring them in when it is going to be too cold outside?  You have to tend to the seeds you plant and take care of them.  As we step into October make sure that you are preparing for winter, that you are planting & investing in your future.   We are talking about in the spiritual realm here but also in the natural.   Pray over the fruits of your labor & let the Lord increase you & your seed!  We are all stepping into new levels of VICTORY!   

Now many He who supplies seed to the sower & bread for food,                             will supply & multiply the seed you have sown                                                                                  & increase the fruits of your righteousness.  II Corinthians 9:10

God is saying:

  The PROMISED LAND is waiting for you!  Don’t settle for anything less.  Press in & pray!  Don’t get caught up in what is going on in the world.  Your job is to pray & make a difference & share My love with those who need Me.  Pray & declare My victory.  Don’t keep wandering around but cross the Jordan River & move into the territory I have given you.  Take your place in the Kingdom.   It is a place where you can flourish, thrive & be a light to the world by showing My love, goodness, justice & kindness.  No fear is in the land of milk & honey but instead it is a place called home.  You need to be bold for the last days revival. 
  Step out in faith & pray bold prayers. You are a part of the family! Your heart is healed & your mind is renewed.  The past  is  broken off of you.     You are valuable to the Kingdom.  Go to the places that have   community and family!    Go to the places that you have roots.  Go to the places that I have put on your heart.  Be passionate, motivated & on fire and I will prosper you! 

We are so blessed by our partners & those who align themselves with our vision & purpose,  which is to train people to release their faith for the Heavenly Supply of  healing, provision & direction.  We have partners who pray for us & give into our ministry and we pray for every one of you that  partners with us: 
-Receives supernatural miracles.
- That your children and grandchildren will serve the Lord all the days of their lives.
- That you are filled with the knowledge and wisdom of God for every situation.
-The angels of God surround you and protect you, your family & your church. 
- You live the Fillionaire Life and you have more than enough in every area.  
In this partner letter we are talking to you about the things to come in the near future.  Please pray over this and ask the Lord what you are to do in being our partner.   Also, ask Him what you are to do to prepare for winter.  We are praying for you and know that He is talking to you about your future and purpose. 
                                                                                        Releasing Heavenly Supply, 
                                                                                    Spencer & Cyndy

September 2020

Newsletter to go on our BLOG on Nordyke Ministries website.

Dear Fillionaire,
God is so faithful & so good.   We hope you are enjoying the end of summer & getting back into a schedule as school is starting for many families.   We pray that you are continually filled with supernatural insight so that you can walk in a way that brings maximum glory to God!   We live in times that require us to rise above all the commotion around us and display how Good our God is. 
Have you noticed lately that there is an attack on your walk?  The normal everyday pace of life and blessings that you usually enjoy have been interrupted by fear and panic that disrupts the world around us, but we are not shaken. 
God has been talking to us about OUR PATH - which can be defined as a route, course or track along which things move, or a course of action, conduct or procedure for forward motion.     

The way in which we walk, THE PATH we take,                                                      and the track we follow in life, will make a huge impact                                      on the world around us.  

Look at the testimony of King Jotham in II Chronicles 27:6  - “Jotham grew powerful because He walked steadfastly before the Lord His God.”
1) He was focused on His relationship with God.
2) He was determined to do right and please God.
3) He was a builder — He built cities in the mountains and castles in the forest.
4) He was diligent in staying on the right path. 
You have to love that God is calling us all to build something significant & our goal is to stay on the path like King Jotham & to accomplish what He has given us to do. 
Sometimes I’ll be driving Cyndy somewhere and miss the exit because we are deep in conversation.   She will ask me “Where are you going?”  I’ll answer;  “I was thinking about what you were saying & missed the exit.” 
It is so easy to get off track if you are not paying attention to where you should be going.   Take some time & make sure that you are on the RIGHT PATH.  We have lots of activity around us and many worthwhile      projects — BUT we have to be careful that we don’t get off of our path.  You love people and you want to help them but you can’t build their destiny for them, you have to focus on building your own.  

          He stores up sound wisdom….to guard the paths of justice and                                   protect the way of His saints.  Then you will understand rightness, justice and integrity - every good path.   Proverbs 2:9  Christian Standard Bible. 

God is saying:

Walk close to me.  Be sensitive to my whisper.   I’ll nudge you & remind you of your divine steps.       I will keep you on track if you will keep your mind focused on Me.  Spend more time meditating on MY WORD,  spend more time worshipping and pressing into my presence &  spend more time in church and as you do these things your path will become clearer and more solid.  Don’t be concerned about getting off  on the wrong path because as you surround yourself with Godly people and spend time in my presence you will know the way. 
There are those that will come to the surface that are not concerned with MY PATH, but instead have their own plans and agenda’s.  They have gotten off the path.  You don’t have to know all the situations and details.    Pray for them but stay on your path.   I haven’t forgotten about you.  I AM BUILDING YOU AND YOU WILL DO SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT FOR THE KINGDOM.  It’s a path that’s custom made for you and You are going to LOVE IT! 

We are so blessed to be able to come into your home with our partner letter.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support during this season.   God is miraculously supplying our every need, and your  partnership with us is releasing miracles for you and for us at the same time.   We are busy working on        projects and doing things for Kingdom purposes.   We love you and pray for you always!             
                                                                                    Releasing Heavenly Supply,  
                                                                                    Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke

August 2020

Newsletter to go on our BLOG on our website:

Dear Fillionaire,
It is such a beautiful time to be alive and see ALL the Supernatural Miracles going on for God’s      people in the midst of everything going on.   This scripture verse rose up in me.  

“Therefore we must give the name earnest heed to the things we have heard,                           lest at any time we should let them slip.”   Hebrews 2:1 

WORKING THE WORD in our lives should be forefront in our thinking right now with all the craziness going on the world.   You pick one situation to work on at a time & WORK THE WORD!  
Here is how you do it: 
1)  Get A WORD FROM GOD by reading the Bible & being led by the Holy Spirit.  Let Him cause  scripture             verses to come alive & stand out to you on the area you are working on.
2) WRITE THE WORD by taking those verses and write them out.  Put it where you will look at them often.
3) SPEAK THE WORD by saying those verses 10 times out loud several times a day & a 100 times out loud if you need to.  
4) SOAK IN THE WORD by meditating on it and using it in your life while driving, walking and waiting.   Work it into the soil of your life.
5) STAND ON THAT WORD by deliberately choosing to believe that Word instead of the circumstances around you. 
An example is about 10 years ago, the Lord spoke to Cyndy on Mother’s Day and told her - “You are going to go through a rough time but I will be with you every step of the way.”   Later that day she got ill and 3 days later I took her to the emergency room.   She ended up having surgery.  While they were doing surgery they discovered some other things and she had to have another surgery 6 months later.
So our health, our finances, our family & our everyday lives were being attacked.   I found scripture verses and began to read them out loud a 100 times.   Then I would read them out loud in another version a 100 times.   I was renewing my mind & WORKING THE WORD.   Each time I said it my faith was growing and the angels were being released. 
It reminds me when Jesus told the disciples in Luke 8:22 Let us get in the boat and cross over to the other side.   A big storm came up and they became afraid.   BUT they had a Word from the Lord LET US GO TO THE OTHER SIDE.   If you feel like you are in the middle of a BIG STORM with politics, your finances &  your mental health—HOLD ON TO THE WORD FROM THE LORD.


Don’t pay attention to things going on around you, instead pay attention to Me and my Words.   Make sure & encircle yourself with friends that speak like you, believe like you & act like you.   It is important to have those of like faith helping you.  In these next few months it will be  important to keep your emotions focused on Me.    This is a very special time that you are to witness and declare my glories in the Heaven’s. 
You are my child.  I want to bless you exceedingly abundantly.  I am taking care of you.  I have angels assigned to you & they are protecting you from circumstances & situations.  Healing is yours.  You will see more  angelic  activity  than  you  have  ever seen with signs, wonders & miracles going forth in your life.   Extra angels have been released from Heaven.   They are gathering up the finances that you have need of, that your church needs, that your ministry needs & that your business needs.   Things you have been believing for will come to you —supernaturally.  Pay careful attention to your finances and get out of debt.   Expect vehicles to show up & be given to you.  Expect houses to show up & be given to you.   It is a time of supernatural movement with angels taking care of things for you like never before.  





Today we are celebrating our 44th Wedding Anniversary! 

Isaiah 44:1-6

People of Israel,  I have chosen you  as my servant.  I am your Creator.  You were in my care even before you were born. Israel, don’t be terrified!  You are my chosen servant,  my very favorite.  I will bless the thirsty land by sending streams of water;  I will bless your descendants by giving them my Spirit.  They will spring up like grass or like willow trees near flowing streams.  They will worship me and become my people.  They will write my name on the back of their hands.  I am the Lord All-Powerful, the first and the last, the one and only God.
We are standing and believing with you—our partners!  As you sow & give this month know that  His FAITHFULNESS is taking care of you in the midst of the storm & you are going to the other side.  We value your emails & testimonies of how God is taking such good care of you.   Thank you for being a part of our lives & ministry.   We are releasing our faith & declaring THE FILLIONAIRE LIFE over each & every one of you!


 Living the Fillionaire Life!