February 2021

February 2021

Dear Fillionaire,
We pray that the blessing of the Lord is overtaking you in every way! It’s TIME for the DIVINE to take over as we watch God do signs, wonders & miracles in our generation. The church is waking up to a great divine intervention!

Remember what the Lord did for Jehoshaphat in II Chronicles 20; How He sought God’s direction when they were outnumbered by an attacking enemy. The prophet said “Be NOT afraid, the battle is NOT yours but Gods. ........ You will not need to fight in this battle!” (vs. 15, 17)

They worshipped, then broke out in praise because of what God said. They even had the Praise Team lead the army into battle. When they came over the hill, ALL of their enemies were dead. They had de-stroyed each other. It took the children of Israel 3 days to gather the treasures, jewels and provisions of their enemy.

God is your divine helper & is ready, willing and able to do for you what you cannot do for yourself —


What does your heavenly Father have for you?
-Divine Health & Healing
-Divine Provision and Prosperity
-Divine Restoration and Renewal
-Divine Turnarounds!

Several years ago Cyndy & I were struggling financially. over our finances, BUT nothing seemed to be moving & in some ways the debt seemed to be growing. We were concerned we were going to lose our house. The pressure was intense & it was not good. The enemy was trying to distract us & get our eyes on the problem & off the Lord.
We needed God’s DIVINE HELP!

We started having communion every morning over our finances & asking God to help us! We kept our focus on the Lord & what He wanted to do in our lives. We got our Prophetic Words God had given us & kept declaring them over our future. We worshipped & praised Him until it changed , and it changed in the natural realm because things changed in the spirit realm —


We were tithing and speaking the Word of God
God is saying:

Whatever the enemy is doing will result in his own destruction. He is trying to distract you & get you focused on what is going on in the world. You can’t let yourself go there. Do not get distracted from what I have called you to do. Instead position yourself in praise & watch me work. I am working ALL things together for your good, so don’t fear or let any confusion try to capture your attention. Praise me for the victory because that’s what I have promised you –TOTAL VICTORY!

Stay in my peace. Speak peace to your family, speak peace to your job, & speak peace over your church. I am going to use the church to be a shelter in the midst of the storm. Trust me to take care of you no matter what. I am your DIVINE HELPER & I will give you your enemies, plus all of their stuff & surround you with purpose. Thank & praise me, for I have promised you DIVINE HELP!
You partners are great! When we think about you & pray for you, you make us smile! We are asking for God’s supernatural power to be manifesting in your life, your family, your finances & your church. We have some new messages on our You Tube Channel.
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Thank you for being a partner with your prayers & financial support for Nordyke Ministries. We appreciate you so much! We need to buy a new computer this month with all the zoom calls, video chatting around the world & writing projects going on. You make it possible for us to produce product, write books & work on assignments from the Lord.
We release His DIVINE ABILITY to work on your behalf. It’s time for Heaven on Earth!

Releasing Heavenly Supply,
Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke