October 2020

October 2020

Dear Fillionaire,
You are blessed today!   Check it out —

Blessed be the God & Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who HAS BLESSED US        with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly Places in Christ.  Ephesians 1:3

We pray that you constantly come into a greater awareness of what you already have in Him.  He is taking care of you & he is a really good Father that takes care of His children, provides for them and loves on them. 
When you know a STORM IS COMING you prepare for it.  You store up food, you have extra firewood, you have money in the bank & cash at your house, you get extra gasoline, plus the candles & oil are prepared.  In these days & times it is good to be prepared for the storms of life.   God is taking care of His people.   We are living in the light & there is no darkness where the people of God are living.   (Exodus 10:22-23)  You have seed in the ground, you are tending your seeds by being loyal to the place God has planted you in your church & your giving!

Always be in preparation mode PLANTING SEEDS towards your future! 

That reminds me of something that we have recently experienced at our house.  This last summer, Cyndy bought some mangos at the grocery story & oh my, they were so big & sweet, we just enjoyed them so much!   She peeled the skin off of them, sliced the bright orange/yellow fruit to eat & then we had these giant seeds left over.   God had been stirring her heart about not wasting seeds.  Cyndy thought it might be fun if we planted them to grow some plants to beautify our back patio, & it worked.  We now have six mango trees about a foot tall growing and looking good by our deck!
This brought something important to mind.  Whenever we receive finances  from the fruit of our labors there are 2 things in that fruit we have received. 
            1)  Food to eat, or means to meet our needs now.
            2)  Seeds to plant for a future harvest.
Some of your increase is supposed to be planted for what is ahead, but It is up to you what you do with your seeds.   Do you plant them?  Do you water them?  Do you make sure that they get sunshine?  Do you bring them in when it is going to be too cold outside?  You have to tend to the seeds you plant and take care of them.  As we step into October make sure that you are preparing for winter, that you are planting & investing in your future.   We are talking about in the spiritual realm here but also in the natural.   Pray over the fruits of your labor & let the Lord increase you & your seed!  We are all stepping into new levels of VICTORY!   

Now many He who supplies seed to the sower & bread for food,                             will supply & multiply the seed you have sown                                                                                  & increase the fruits of your righteousness.  II Corinthians 9:10

God is saying:

  The PROMISED LAND is waiting for you!  Don’t settle for anything less.  Press in & pray!  Don’t get caught up in what is going on in the world.  Your job is to pray & make a difference & share My love with those who need Me.  Pray & declare My victory.  Don’t keep wandering around but cross the Jordan River & move into the territory I have given you.  Take your place in the Kingdom.   It is a place where you can flourish, thrive & be a light to the world by showing My love, goodness, justice & kindness.  No fear is in the land of milk & honey but instead it is a place called home.  You need to be bold for the last days revival. 
  Step out in faith & pray bold prayers. You are a part of the family! Your heart is healed & your mind is renewed.  The past  is  broken off of you.     You are valuable to the Kingdom.  Go to the places that have   community and family!    Go to the places that you have roots.  Go to the places that I have put on your heart.  Be passionate, motivated & on fire and I will prosper you! 

We are so blessed by our partners & those who align themselves with our vision & purpose,  which is to train people to release their faith for the Heavenly Supply of  healing, provision & direction.  We have partners who pray for us & give into our ministry and we pray for every one of you that  partners with us: 
-Receives supernatural miracles.
- That your children and grandchildren will serve the Lord all the days of their lives.
- That you are filled with the knowledge and wisdom of God for every situation.
-The angels of God surround you and protect you, your family & your church. 
- You live the Fillionaire Life and you have more than enough in every area.  
In this partner letter we are talking to you about the things to come in the near future.  Please pray over this and ask the Lord what you are to do in being our partner.   Also, ask Him what you are to do to prepare for winter.  We are praying for you and know that He is talking to you about your future and purpose. 
                                                                                        Releasing Heavenly Supply, 
                                                                                    Spencer & Cyndy