February 2020


A New Year and a New Decade, 2020, is well underway.
Since this number is related to Perfect Vision,
Let’s call this month:

Many times there are things that try to distract us in life, and get our focus off of God’s Divine Plan. It reminds me of Samson in Judges 16. He had a divine calling on His life, but when he set his affections on Delilah, His focus shifted to worldly things. The enemy used her to seduce, distract and wear him down so they could find out the secret of His strength.

Eventually “His soul was vexed unto death.” (vs 16) Vex means to torment, harass, agitate, disturb, tease and irritate. The Hebrew definition takes it further: to cut down, bring much discouragement, to bring grief and a cause to mourn. He should have never let Delilah distract him. The enemy was attacking His identity in God, His Nazarite vow and distracting Him from the calling on his life.

Set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth. Colossians 3:2

Signs that you’ve been distracted:

1) You feel grieved over the situation you are in.

2) Circumstances torment you and you constantly think about it.

3) You are agitated by what is going on.

4) Discouragement has replaced your courage and affected your faith.

When you identify the source of the distraction, you can begin to remove it by taking the Word of God that deals with that area, and begin speaking what God says about it. Then, you put all of your focus on what God has put in your heart, on your calling and direction, and shut out all the annoying distractions around you. Stay focused on the WORD!

Sometimes it is the simple things that get us off focus. Have you ever been driving and your cell phone rang or someone sent you a text & you are tempted to take your eyes off of the road? Or you are watching a TV program and a commercial comes on and you look at Social Media & you miss the next part of the program? Pay attention to the little distractions and don’t let them become big ones.

To focus our minds on the Spirit leads to life and peace. Romans 8:6 ISV

Set your focus on me. Don’t let the noise and agitations of the world around you affect your spirit: Stay in My presence, where my peace guards your heart and mind. Let my WORD replace words of concern and hurt. When you constantly rehearse your pains and worries, they become part of you. Let my healing words flow from your mouth. Repent, forgive & forget and move into a new place with me. You have been wondering why you haven’t gotten the breakthrough that you want. Seek me and let me show you the way! I am for you, I am with you, I cannot break my covenant with you. You are mine and ALL I have is yours—All the LOVE, The JOY and the PEACE you need to go forward and be victorious in accomplishing what I've put in your heart to do. Be bold and breakthrough every discouragement, be strong and courageous. Let my WORD strengthen your every step. Focus on Heaven and Heaven will show up!


Special Prayer Focus for our partners this month!

Since the first of the year we have been praying these 3 things for you:

1) Supernatural Favor

2) Open Doors

3) Significant Influence

We are all in this together! As you sow and give your partnership gift offering this month declare these 3 things over it and expect a return. As you are walking out your destiny, know that you need to be in position for what He has next for you. We love our FILLIONAIRE PARTNERS. Together, we are teaching and training others about being filled with the ALL THE FULLNESS OF GOD!


Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke