March 2021

March 2021

Dear Fillionaire,

We pray that you are blessed exceedingly abundantly above & beyond your highest hopes, dreams, thoughts & prayers. God is so good that it literally pours out of Him onto you in every area of your life!
Speaking of outpouring we’ve just come through the coldest & most serious ice & snow storm in Texas in a decade. We’ve been praying for ALL who are dealing with repairs & recovering after pipes froze & power went out on a massive scale. I’ve heard the terms “Snowmageddon” & “Icepocalypse” as well as “Snovid 21” which all describes this unusual winter blast. It was pretty bad in the natural realm, with so many churches having to clean up at their facilities, from broken pipes, no water or heat, plus people in their homes trying to take care of their families in these crazy circumstances but we were ALL using our FAITH & commanding it to change into Heavenly Upgrades!

Our temperatures went from minus 2 to 83 degrees in just a couple of days. That is crazy in the natural. Three days ago, the electric guys were outside of my house in shorts working on the Wi-Fi, when a few days earlier a 1/3 of Texas was frozen & without electricity. Talk about extreme’s!

We can have EXTREME MIRACLES: -We can go from “In debt” to ALL BILLS PAID with just ONE MIRACLE. -We can go from sick & having Covid to totally healed as we declare HEALING MIRACLES!


In the Old Testament many of God’s people were struggling to try & keep the law of Moses BUT when Jesus came to earth, Jesus came FULL of God’s Love, FULL of the Holy Spirit & FULL of MIRACLES!
I am FULL of Jesus, so I am filled with ALL of those things, including MIRACLES!
.....He who supplies you with His [marvelous Holy] Spirit & works miracles among you......because you [believe confidently in the message which you] heard with faith. Galatians 3:5 AMP

God supplies us with His marvelous Holy Spirit & works MIRACLES among us because we believe. Read IN THE New Testament about what Jesus has done for you, & then wrap your HEART around it with your FAITH. Embrace the truth with all of your heart & then act as if your life is FULL OF MIRACLES!

Learn to live in FAITH TOWN!

God is saying:
Storm after storm after storm is happening all around you in the natural & in the spirit realm. Learn to NOT look at the storm but instead command the situation to change. Lay aside the past, the disappointments & the discouragement. Many of you have had trauma & sadness try to take hold but don’t let it. Winter has been in full force but know that spring is coming to the earth & to your life! Be looking for it & expecting it!
Take my WORD & declare it! Right in front of you are new opportunities! Learn to press in & flow in the spirit realm. Stay in peace & stay in faith. There is a release of REVIVAL, there is a release of GLORY, & there is a release of FINANCIAL BLESSINGS! I have trained you & prepared you for this day! Watch me move! Watch how I am lining everything up for you to flourish & step into a new place in me! Watch the Miracles Happen!
You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble & surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalms 32:7
We are so thankful for all of our partners! We have been praying for you. We have been declaring & speaking miracles because we know many of you need them. Thank you for standing with us! Your giving & your prayers are making a difference. We are so blessed to be able to come into your home with our partner letter. God is miraculously supplying our every need & your partnership with us is releasing miracles for you & for us at the same time. We are busy working on writing projects and doing things for Kingdom purposes. We are progressing & moving forward. We love you & pray for you always!

Releasing Miracles over you & your household,
Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke