May 2020

We pray that you are experiencing ALL THE FULLNESS of God through His unlimited LOVE!   God wants to give you His exceeding abundant goodness, even in the midst of crazy circumstances. 
In II Kings 4:38-41, a famine had created a tough situation for the Sons of the Prophets.  Elisha stepped up and told His assistant to boil some water and make some stew for the men.   As they went out to gather some herbs to flavor the stew, one of them found some gourds growing wild and put them in the pot.   When they began eating it, they became sick to their stomach and cried out, “Man of God, there is death in the pot!”  Elisha said - “Bring me some flour” and when He mixed it into the stew, the poisonous gourds were neutralized, and everyone ate to their hearts content!   It was MIRACLE PROVISION & MIRACLE PROTECTION at the same time!      This is the same place the world is now— We ALL need MIRACLE PROVISION & MIRACLE PROTECTION! 
Consider this:
     1)  God will feed YOU during famine!
     2)  Whatever is growing wild—not planned, not planted deliberately is not good for you.
     3)  Flour represents planned prosperity.      A harvest is from strategic sowing and having a specific plan for increase. 
Sowing, Reaping, and processing grain are all involved in making flour! 
Now is NOT the time to let everything in your life grow wild.  Live, pray and give with deliberate purpose.    Recently we have been giving like warfare.   We AIM OUR SEED at a need and launch our offering and prayers at something to change a situation.   We have seen a marked increase in the FINANCIAL FLOW  because of it.   Don’t stop sowing because of the circumstances, just start sowing with a vengeance so you can take the land and dominate the circumstances.   You will get a HARVEST, EVEN IN FAMINE, like Isaac did.     
There was a famine in the land…..then Isaac sowed in that land,  & reaped in the same year a hundredfold; and the Lord blessed Him.               Genesis 26:1,12
Your fasting and your praying is working.  Now is not the time to stop!  Stay with it!  Pray strategically to end the plague, to break the curse.  Don’t let the enemy bring you down.  Fear is not from me!  Stay in my peace and stay in my grace!   The fear, the anxiety and the depression is gone in Jesus Name! Many of you had made going to church & praying optional in your life.   Now is the time to change that!  Now is the time to go to the other side!   I am there waiting for you!  I want to give you new direction, new purpose and new plans!  The Promised Land is right in front of you!   I have prepared you for such a time as this!     
A new freedom is coming!  You will hear more clearly.  Study, meditate and put the Word to work for you.  Go to church like your life depends upon it - because it does.  I am always taking care of you!  I have missed you!  I have missed our times together!   Take this time and spend more time with me!   You are crossing over into a new place in me!  I am sending rain from Heaven!   I am sending blessings to overflow in your life!   I am healing the land!   I am healing your hearts!   I am  healing your finances!    I am taking you into the Promised Land! 
Partner Update for May 2020
Every one of you that HAS PARTNERED WITH US HAS CONNECTED YOUR LIFE TO MIRACLES & and the FILLIONAIRE FLOW.  We release “over the top blessings” to come to you, your home, your ministry and your business.   God gets ALL the glory because you have strategically connected with His Heavenly Supply.
Thank you for ALL you are doing.  You are awesome!  We have never seen so many ministries & churches on the internet, reaching everyone staying at home that is looking for answers, desiring peace & needing Jesus.  We shouldn’t let what we can’t do stop us from what we can do.  
Our world is changing and all of us together are coming through all of this with total victory! 

Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke