Welcome to 2020!


Welcome to a New Year, a New Decade & a New Opportunity to experience the unlimited goodness of God!  This year is going to be FILLED with more of the Power of God than ever before.   Get ready to Power up your FAITH!  As we enter this next season of Revival, let’s prepare for the greatest move of God in history!  

Welcome to 2020! 

In preparation for 2020 we were asking the Lord for a PRAYER STRATEGY!  The idea came up in my spirit to pray every day for 2 hours and 20 minutes.  I shared it with Cyndy, and she suggested one hour & ten minutes twice a day, in the morning and at night.   We are always praying & listening to the Lord, while doing things but wanted a focused time of prayer to get us via light speed into the place God has for us to fulfill our destiny! 
All of a sudden I could see it.  I realized that POWER IS AVAILABLE in two voltage levels; 110 and 220.  Our regular wall sockets are 110 volts, but an electric clothes dryer hook-up is 220 volts.  If you had a wet towel that needed to be dried would you use your hair dryer ?? or would you put it in your electric dryer??  You would access the one that has the most power.   Electricity is always flowing from the power source, but you have to make sure it is plugged in and hooked up to the POWER.
1)  Is 110 and 220. 
 2)  1 hour & 10 minutes & 1 hour & 10 minutes = 220. 
 3)   Talk about PRAYER POWER! 
If you want to pull a higher Power Level from God, you have to double what you would do normally, and go for the increased output!  You have to plug into the power & pull more from Heaven.   God has ALL power, but it is accessed through our faith.  We turn on our faith by speaking the Word out loud and it releases the power to go and bring to pass. Connect to God’s Abundance! 

Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think: 

Ephesians 3:20


An Encouraging Word from the Lord: 

Stay hooked up to the power source that I have connected you to.   Don’t let the enemy try to short circuit things by using discouragement, lack or past hurts.  Don’t spend a lot of time trying to rewire things or struggle to have a deeper understanding of the wiring.   Don’t  stop the current  from flowing.  Learn to be ready to flow in every situation.  Learn to hook up to Me.   Learn to stay connected to the power outlets that I am releasing.  As you do, it will increase and increase.   I am rewiring you and I am doing it while you are in my presence.   I am healing hearts and removing the shame that you have felt.  In this house there is peace and joy like never before!  I want you to stay connected & wired to the big house! 
Many of you have been concerned about your finances for yourself and for your church/ministry.   Know as we step together into this New Year, you will see a shift and change in your finances.   There will be more solidness in your giving and in your flow of finances.   There will an increase and multiple currents flowing all together.  Trust me because I am working on your behalf behind the scenes and I am releasing a wholeness.   I have some new things that I want you to do and I will finance it and take care of the details.   Soon you will see the full picture.  My favor is opening significant doors for you that you cannot open on your own.  You will ask yourself how did I do that, how did I pay those bills?  How did I get to this place of monthly overflow?  You will know that this is me and it is all happening as you stay hooked up to the power!  
The Roman Numerals for this year are MMXX.  WOW!  Double Millennium and Double Decades together at the same time!  Instead of your shame you shall have DOUBLE HONOR & instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion.  Therefore in their land they shall possess DOUBLE; everlasting joy shall be theirs.  Isaiah 61:7 NKJV.    You will have DOUBLE HONOR and DOUBLE BLESSINGS come upon you by the thousands & DOUBLE WISDOM will be yours times ten! 
We are standing with you.   We are praying for you.  We are releasing our faith for your situations to be taken care of supernaturally!   As you give this month pray over this letter and your gift and expect the  DOUBLE BLESSINGS.  We love our FILLIONAIRE PARTNERS.  Together, we are teaching and training others about being filled with the ALL THE FULLNESS OF GOD!   A DOUBLE Thank You!   We are all in this together!

Spencer & Cyndy Nordyke