November We are So Thankful

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Dear Fillionaire,
The leaves and the temperatures are falling, the pumpkin theme is everywhere, and I’m finally pulling out my fall clothes to wear.   It’s just awesome to go to a high school football game with sweatshirts and a blanket, carrying a thermos with something hot to drink.  Preparing for a major change can be FUN! 

NEW THINGS are also happening in the SPIRIT REALM.

That’s what a notable women did in II Kings 4.   Elisha would travel that way often and she and her husband would always invite him to dinner.  One day she had a brilliant idea!  She said to her husband, 

“Look now,  I know that this is a Holy man of God, who passes by us regularly,  Please let us make a small upper room on the wall; and let us put a bed for him there, and a table and a chair and a lampstand; so it will be, whenever He comes to us, he can turn in there." (Verses 9-10) 
She had no idea that she was investing in her future, and that her gifts and kindness would result in having a baby miraculously, then when He was a boy, Elisha raised him from the dead.   Several years later, the King heard her testimony and commanded their property to be restored in full, with profits from all the time they had been gone because of the famine.    The prophet Elisha was thankful for their kindness, which created a series of miracles that she and her family would be THANKFUL for over and over again! 
Listen to II Corinthians 9:12 God’s Word Translation: 
What you do to serve others not only provides for the needs of God’s people, but also produces more and more prayers of thanksgiving to God. 
I remember one time when we were in South Bend, Indiana ministering for a church and we were staying with the pastor and his wife in their house with our kids.  We were doing a Warfare Weekend and church services for them that Sunday.   A terrible storm came up with lots of lightning, thunder and wind that was shaking the house.  We were so tired and asleep upstairs.   Cyndy woke up and remembers praying,  “Father, look after us because we are in the Pastors House and they are men and women of God.  We declare  protection and we speak peace to the storm.  We are thankful that you are taking care of us!” 
The next morning, we were talking to the pastors wife about the storm and how crazy it was.   She told us that she prayed the exact same prayer - except she reminded the Lord that Spencer and Cyndy were in her house and the Lord had to take care of us because they are men and women of God.

We are so THANKFUL that God takes care of us!

Begin to prepare for a NEW SEASON in the natural realm for your family & your calling,  because NEW THINGS are happening in the SPIRIT REALM.   Stay in the Word, stay in church, and make sure to stay connected to me because things all around you are going to shake.    You don’t have to be concerned or be in fear because you are protected by the blood of Jesus!  Take time to pay close  attention to the SPIRIT REALM because it will change things in the natural realm ALL around you for your good. 
 As you move into more THANKSGIVING it will be the key to your breakthrough.   It will take you from one side of the Red Sea to the other side and you will walk across on dry ground.  You can CHANGE YOUR FUTURE  & the way that you see it by declaring my Word more, by worshipping me more & by your Thanksgiving and praise going forth! 
Many of you have been hidden but I am releasing a supernatural favor over you that puts you in the front of the line for the blessings & in the spotlight for this season in your lives. 

We are preparing for a NEW SEASON in the natural.