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Living the Fillionaire Life Audio Book

  • Living the Fillionaire Life Audio Book
On 2 Audio CD’s Living the Fillionaire Life comes alive as you listen to Spencer Nordyke read the Words of Faith from this inspiring book.”   FREE SHIPPING!

Living the Fillionaire Life
is a creative and engaging book full of pictures, quotes and stories that will inspire you to go for Fillionaire Status. You will pick this book up again and again because it will spark your faith for more of God, more of the Word and more miracles in your life.

The book is 215 pages, 10 chapters and full color with pictures, designs and graphics.

Every chapter comes with a list of Fillionaire Strategies for you to focus in on what God wants to do to expand your horizons for the supernatural.
  • There is no limit to the number of miracles that are available to you.
  • Discover your infinite stream of supernatural supply.
  • Live in the Presence of the Father.
  • Live the Fillionaire Life!




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