N-Compass Book Audio Book 4- CDs

  • N-Compass Book Audio Book 4- CDs
N Compass Audio Book will spark your leadership anointing and help you lead your team with a new energy.
N-Compass, Navigating Your Team Forward! Is designed to help leaders look up and find their “North!” so they can steer their team in the right direction. It is a great book to use as a devotional for your team to encourage you in faith and bring you all together.
Spencer has taken 99 words that being with the “N” sound and attached leadership principles and experiences to them in order to help you get perspective on where you are and where you need to go.
Each one comes with an:
⁃ N-Gaging Scripture Verse
⁃ N-COURAGING Bible Principals
⁃ N-CLUDING a call to action to help lead your family and your team.




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