Faith N-ergizer

  • Faith N-ergizer
Contains 5 faith N-ergizer messages. One for each day of your work week, that will get you ready to walk in God’s miracle provision.

Faith N-ergizer is a 4-part CD series that is a POWER TOOL. It is not a message but 4 CD’s with scripture verses to inspire you for more of what He has in store for your life.
Included is:
Miracle Provision
Miracle Promotion
Miracles Prescription
Miracle Protection

Each CD contains 5 Faith N-ergizer’s, which gives you one for each day of the week. Start your day by igniting your faith for miracles and watch what God will do!
If you want to live fired-up and charged up with the supernatural power of God, then this set of daily power tools will get you going!


Faith N-ergizers


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